New York Residential Rates


Guaranteed Savings Plan – Electric and Gas

  • Con Edison supplies electricity to areas of New York City and Westchester County
  • The National Grid provides electricity and gas to areas of upstate New York
  • NYSEG provides electricity to parts of upstate and most of southern New York
  • RGE provides electricity to portions of upstate New York
  • Orange & Rockland brings electricity to the northwestern suburbs of New York City
  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric supplies electricity to the Mid-Hudson River Valley area

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Plan Details
  • Rate 1% Savings Guarantee
  • Monthly Charge* $0
  • Early Termination Fee $0
What is my rate?

Ambit Energy guarantees that, if you remain a customer of Ambit’s Guaranteed Savings Plan for 12 consecutive months, you will save 1% annually versus the price you would pay if you were a full-service customer of the utility for the same period. See New York Terms of Service for more details.

This plan is eligible for free energy.
*Variable rate plans can vary from month to month based on commodity costs and market conditions.




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